About Us

Vis-a-vis is an Art Foundation dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging and recognized artists. Our mission is to foster art and the vitality of the arts for everyone. Our goal is to provide artists and audiences with sustaining and meaningful experiences.

Vis-a-vis carries out its mission through its core programs, which include participation in national and international exhibitions for artists; curating group and solo art shows in distinctive locations; providing an art incubator and organizing art workshops.

These programs make a profound difference in the lives of young artists, who are struggling to showcase their works to public. Vis-a-vis offers such transformative services to the artists, providing them with the platform to sustain a successful career as an artist.

Transitioning from student life to professional life is crucial. Vis-a- vis art incubator provides future Picassos’, Hussains’, Dalis’ Tyebs’ Warhols’ Banksys’ a jumpstart to our world.

The art incubator is housed in the city of Vadodara, the magnet for the aesthetically inclined. The art incubator has independent studio rooms and a gallery to showcase the artist works.