• About Vis-a-Vis

Vis-a-vis is an Art Foundation dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging and recognized artists. Our mission is to foster art and the vitality of the arts for everyone. Our goal is to provide artists and audiences with sustaining and meaningful experiences.

Our Artists

  • Ajay Kanwal
  • Deepak Rasaily
  • Kodandorao Teppala
  • Manssor Ali
  • Mrudula Kunatharaju
  • Nabibakhsh Mansoori
  • Poorvesh Patel
  • Prem Kumar Vaishya
  • Rachana Badrakia
  • Raj More
  • Rajib Chowdhury
  • Sanket Virgami

Available Works


  • Digital Media
  • Face-face-art
  • Print Media
  • Press article - Nav Gujarat Samay